Many buyers consider amenities in a condo as the most important factor while buying one. For instance, fitness facilities in a building help people save money on gym memberships.

Tableau residents enjoy easy access to some of Toronto’s best clubs, bars, and restaurants. The downtown location is also convenient for transit commuters.

1. Rooftop Deck

A rooftop deck is a must-have for many buyers. It allows you to enjoy beautiful skyline views.

Condos are a popular choice for people who want to live close to transit and city amenities. They also offer a variety of different facilities that are often not available in detached homes.

Some of these are dog washing and grooming areas, yoga studios, basketball courts and mini putting greens. Some have a sauna.

2. Party Room

Having room to host parties or events is a huge plus for condo buyers. Guests can enjoy drinks and food while chatting with friends or family.

Dog owners love having an area where they can wash their pets, so having a pet wash as a condo facility is a big selling point for them too. It makes their life much easier and less stressful.

3. Guest Suites

The addition of guest suites is a nice touch to a condo building. Although it is not something most people would use frequently, it is a helpful feature to have.

Show your out-of-town friends and family what a great life in Toronto is all about by hosting them in the luxurious suites at 133 Hazelton. These hotel-style rooms are ideal for short stays and overnight guests.

4. Multimedia/ Business Meeting Room

A multimedia/ business meeting room might not be a mandatory feature for every condo building, but many buyers love to have it as a convenience. This helps them stay productive and socialize at the same time.

TWD’s audio-video rooms are designed to help you capture and hold audience attention during meetings with a fully integrated MS Teams teleconferencing system. Our AV solutions also include interactive flat-panel devices.

5. Games or Billiards Facility

Not everyone will be looking for a bowling alley or a games room as an amenity, but some do like having these facilities available to them. Some even consider it a luxury amenity to have in their condo building.

Many Toronto condos are luring buyers with exciting amenities that they wouldn’t get at their own homes. For instance, E Condos has a meditation room that is great for those looking to calm themselves.

6. Cinema

Condo buyers also look for a building that offers various leisure activities to enjoy. For instance, they may want a gym and a cinema.

While party rooms, commercial-grade fitness centres and rooftop terraces are standard amenities, developers are experimenting with more unique features like dog washing and grooming areas, garden plots and more. Makonnen’s building, for example, offers them in addition to a cozy lounge and basketball court.

7. Car Wash

Condos offer a great opportunity to live in neighbourhoods that would be unattainable or out of budget as a single-family home. The amenities in condo buildings also allow residents to socialize and build connections that might not be possible as a homeowner.

Some buyers prefer unique facilities like a yoga studio that helps them rediscover themselves. Others look for a swimming pool or sauna for their convenience.

8. Bowling Alley

Condo developers have been adding exciting amenities in their new condo projects to lure buyers. These facilities might not be essential for every buyer, but it is nice to have access to them as an added facility.

Parkway Bowl is a classy and modern bowling alley that serves everyone from kids to working professionals. They open earlier than most bowling alleys and offer reasonable prices.

9. Video Game Room

A video game room is a fantastic way to make your condo more livable. Not only does it keep gaming devices out of living rooms and bedrooms (which facilitates family time and sleep), but it also creates a space for immersive gameplay.

Storage ottomans are a handy place to stow gaming devices and controllers, and bookshelves showcase your collection of character figurines and cosplay photos. Mood lighting like the BlissLights Ark Ambient Aurora Light immerses gamers in serene blues and green auroras.

10. Library

While a library might not be one of the most sought-after facilities, some buyers prefer to have this facility as part of their condo’s facilities. It also adds to the beauty of the building as a whole.

Stylish lounges, first-class gyms and landscaped rooftop terraces are common amenities in new Toronto condo buildings. But, these luxury perks can add up to high monthly maintenance fees.

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